We want to thank all of our customers for their patience and understanding during this crazy time.

Please note some important information regarding orders, 2022 events and current reservations:

Due to the excessive volume of events scheduled for September and October 2021 we are currently unable to offer in-person meetings.

Our time is being dedicated to the numerous emails, calls and changes that need to be made for the orders currently scheduled.  If you are a current customer with an upcoming event, please use the appointment page to schedule a phone call so we can discuss your event details.

We plan to offer in person meetings starting in November.

We are currently unable to accept any new orders until after October 30th.  Our warehouse team is working tirelessly around the clock to fulfill the orders that are currently scheduled and we are unable to increase their work load in any way.  Thank you for understanding as this is definitely a difficult decision, but one that we must make so we can provide our current customers with the products and services they are expecting.

Please note that we have received over 1500 online quote requests since mid August.  We normally process those request and return a formal quote with 2-3 business days.  Unfortunately due to the high number of requests and the need to assist our current customers we are unable to get the formal quotes returned in a timely manner. 


If your event date is prior to October 30th we will not be able to process your request, we are sorry, but given the circumstances we have no other choice at this time.  We hope to serve you in the future.


If your event date is in November or December 2021, please note that it may take 3-4 weeks to receive a formal quote from the date you submitted it online.  Please check your spam folder to ensure you don't miss it.

If your event date is in 2022 you will receive a formal quote once all other 2021 quotes have been processed.  

We understand everyone is anxious to receive their quote and we wish could get to everyone right away, but it is simply not possible at the moment, thank you for understanding.

Our phone line is being dedicated to the current customers who are calling to make updates, pay their balance and discuss their orders.  We are doing our best to reply to email/inquiries, but there is a record number of calls/emails/inquiries coming in at this time.  We are prioritizing emails/calls by the date of the event.  If you have sent an email and not received a reply, please send a follow up email and or schedule a phone call on the appointment page so we can go over your concerns.  Again, we thank you for your understanding and patience and hope that you understand we must tend to the orders that we are currently committed to until we can get back to a manageable volume.



GYC Staff