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Aisle & Co.

Wedding Planning

Aisle & Co. is a full-service wedding planning company based out of Columbus, OH. The dedicated team of designers will strive to create the celebration of your dreams. If you would like a wedding that truly reflects your authentic personality, look no further than Aisle & Co.

Founded on family and friendship, Aisle & Co. will endeavor to provide a bespoke experience that makes you feel like part of the family. This creative company consists of a team of 10 wonderful women who offer years of experience and diversity. Founder and owner Natasha is the lead planner and designer of this talented business and has been helping couples bring their vision to life since 2013.

Our Wedding Planning Services

Aisle & Co. is a full service wedding and design firm located in Columbus, Ohio.  We believe that your wedding should be the best reflection of who you are as a couple and it is an event that is worth putting your time, your heart, and your resources into! We would be honored to be your partner through this process so that your wedding day is smooth and enjoyable, allowing you to focus on the things that matter the most!

Month of Coordination

Coordination is truly something we are expert-level good at. We have many years of experience in wedding coordination, and have become a well-oiled machine. While the plan goes into execution on the day of the wedding, the work really begins immediately after booking. We will provide you with the tools and resources to make the process smooth, and ensure the client - coordinator relationship is a success.

Wedding Design

Curating a personalized design is a true passion of ours. We want your wedding to not only be visually impressive and aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly we want your wedding day to be a true representation of your love story. We believe designs are not a one size fits all process. Through our extensive initial design brief, we will get to know more than your Pinterest board, we get to know you. In this service, we handle design vendors only. Although we never discriminate or turn clients away, we encourage clients who seek this service to have a hefty design budget in order to make the experience successful for all parties.

Full Service Planning

The answer is yes. That's what we like to say when it comes to people asking if something is included in our full service package. We handle everything from the wedding planning and administrative details to the wedding design and coordination. We work as a team on your planning process. You will be assigned a planning coordinator who will handle our administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, updating budget, etc, thus allowing you and your planner to focus on design aspects and the fine details. This package ranges from RSVP collection to intricate and personalized design curation.


Aisle & Co.
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