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Pipe and Drape Double Drape Backdrop Kit 8-12' Tall

Pipe and Drape is a fast and easy way to transform a room.  Use as a backdrop for a wedding ceremony, cover items on a wall, change the look of a room, add color, divide a space into multiple areas or make a room smaller and more intimate.  Pipe and drape also helps with acoustics in large empty spaces like auditoriums or meeting halls by absorbing sound.  A trade show staple, pipe and drape easily connects together to create booth space for individual vendors.  One of the most versatile resources in the event designer's tool box. 


Our pipe and drape systems are adjustable width and come in varying heights and fabrics.  Connect multiple sections together to create unique room displays, ceremony backdrops or wedding canopies.


This pipe and drape backdrop kit contains:

2 uprights, adjustable 8-12' tall

2 base plates

2 double bar hanger boxes

2 cross bars, adjustable 6' - 10' wide

3 back panels of drap

3 front panels of drape

3 sashes

Black, white, ivory, burgundy, and gold drape available

Pipe and Drape Double Drape Backdrop Kit 8-12' Tall

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