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Silver Aluminum Beverage Fountain 5 gallon

Make a splash at your next upscale event with this silver aluminum beverage fountain with waterfall set and gold rope trim.  Boasting a 5 gallon beverage capacity, this three-tiered fountain will keep the fun flowing at your next event!


For smooth operation, this fountain features 4 spigots to continuously circulate beverage.  Polished to perfection, this anodized aluminum fountain is decorated with gold accent trim and includes a waterfall set to add a third tier to your beverage display.


Red and white lights are included and discreetly fit under the fountain's motor cover to illuminate your display.

Operating the fountain is as simple as filling the fountain's lower basin with pre-chilled beverage, plug the fountain cord into an outlet, and control beverage flow with an easy On / Off switch.


No pulp, seeds or other clogging type beverages are permitted to be used with the fountain.  A damage charge will be applied if used imporperly.

Silver Aluminum Beverage Fountain 5 gallon


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