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Josh Staley Productions

Excellence. That elusive quality everyone searches for, but they rarely find. Excellence is the ability to bring something as close to perfection as it can possibly be. Excellence takes something common and makes it unforgettable. It is what we train for, what we lose sleep for, what we work so hard to grasp… knowing full-well it can slip through our fingers if we lose focus for a moment. Josh Staley Productions brings a whole new meaning to “event entertainment.” We took it back to the drawing board, flipped it on its head, and made it relevant, engaging, & all together excellent again. From our award-winning team to our revolutionary approach, you can rest assured that you have found the excellence you are looking for.

We are not like the others.

We are Josh Staley Productions: Entertainment Specialists based in Columbus, OH but available for events all over the world.


8000 Walton Pkwy Suite 200, New Albany, OH 43054

Phone: (614) 310-5860

Josh Staley Productions

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