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Round LED Light 12"

Make your centerpieces and event décor stand out with a our 12" round LED battery operated, remote control, color changing light base!  This light source provides gorgeous illumination that draws attention to whatever is placed on it.   A little light can turn any display into an amazing presentation that will leave your guests breathless.  Whether you’re going for elegant, modern, traditional or contemporary, you’ll love what our LED light bases can do!


This LED light is round and 12” diameter.  The LED bulbs are arranged in rows throughout the 12" diameter, allowing light to shine up.  The light base comes with pre-programmed colors (including white) and features a flash or fade mode to add variety to your decor.


A clear acrylic lid is provided to cover the top and provide an even surface to arrange your vases, bottles, or whatever you choose to display for your celebration!  These lights are great for illuminating arcylic tables and under tablecloths too!


Battery life 6-8 hours.

Operated with remote control.

Dimenstions: 12" Diameter x 2.5" Tall

Silver casing, spandex cover available.

Round LED Light 12"


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