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Product Use & Care

The products we offer are rental items and have been previously used by other customers.  While we take every step to maintain quality products, please remember they are not brand new and may not be perfect.


We do ask that you maintain and care for the products you rent to help ensure they are able to be used for future clients.  Please note that you are responsible for the items from the time of pick up or delivery to the time of return or pick up by Got Ya Covered staff.  Please be sure all equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather. Rental items should not be left out in the rain.



All china, silverware, glassware, chargers, hollowware and bowls should be scraped, food free, and repackaged in the same containers as delivered.   DO NOT RINSE WITH BLEACH OR OTHER CHEMICALS

Gold, copper and black flatware should be rinsed with water to remove acidic foods and oils that will damage the finish.

Glasses should be turned upside down and in proper racks.

Please take note of the quantity of plates/chargers stacked in each crate at delivery and return the same quantity to each crate upon use.  It is highly recommended that you take photos prior to use and share the photos with any event staff, catering team, etc. to avoid loss and or additional cleaning fees.


Stacking chairs must be restacked in the same quantities as delivered and placed back on the carts delivered on, if applicable.

Folding chairs must be restacked on the skid provided in quantities of 25, all the same direction.

Tables must be folded up and restacked in the same manner as they were delivered.

If these items are not broken down and restacked properly, additional fees will be assessed per item.

  • Tables - $8.00 per table

  • Folding Chairs - $1.00 per chair

  • Stacking Chairs - $2.00 per chair


All linens should be shaken free of debris and placed in the pink linen return bag(s) provided. 


Please note, orders with multiple laundry bags are inside the initial bag given, please removed them before placing dirty linens in bags.

If linens are DAMP or WET, please DO NOT put them in the laundry bags.  This will cause mold and mildew and ruin the entire bag of linens.  Mildew is not covered by the damage waiver.  Let all linens air dry before putting them in the bag.  

All sashes should be untied before placing them in the back.  You will be charged .50 per sash if they are not untied.

Linen bags not returned will be charged $15.00 per bag.

Please help us prevent unnecessary landfill by returning your hangers with your order.  We will reuse the ones that are still in good condition.

Please keep napkins in the same bag to ensure accurate counts upon return.

Please note, all table cloths, overlays, larger linen items, and pink laundry bags contain RFID tags which tracks each individual item as it leaves our warehouse and identifies it upon return.  If an item is returned outside of a bag or at a later date, we are able to see what contract the item belongs to once it is returned.


Please do not place any rental items in trash bags (unless they are clear).  


If your linens do not all fit in the pink bags provided, please ensure the napkins are placed in the bag first as those are not tagged with RFID, but the pink bag is.  Other linens can be placed in clear bags or in the pink delivery cart, if applicable.


All linens are delivered on hangers, washed, pressed and ready to use.


You do not need to clean any linens prior to returning.  Our laundry department will handle everything. 


Pipe and drape should be broken down and returned to the carts provided, if applicable.  All drape panels should be folded and returned in the same container provided.


Backdrops and arches should be free of all decor, floral arrangements, etc. and in the same location as delivery.  



All decor should be returned to the same container provided at delivery.  Not glitter, candles, or other decor items should be left attached or inside of the containers.  A cleaning fee will be incurred for candle wax, and other cleaning needed. 

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