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"Quebbie DJ in a Box" is your perfect solution for Weddings, Class Reunions, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, School & Church Dances, Holiday Gatherings, Block Parties, Fundraisers and so much more. DJ-In-A-Box is completely portable, and wil be the life of the party! This easy to use and program music machine provides you with complete control over the music for your special event. With over 10,000 songs to choose from, you may pre-program the entire event as well as play instant requests on demand.

Benifits of the DJ-In-A-Box System:

  • Music updated monthly - Always the hottest new hits
  • Completely portable - Touch screen operated for easy use
  • Automatic music cross fade for continuous play
  • Connects easily to any sound system...sound system rented separately
  • Digitally encrypted - Crisp, clean CD quality stereo sound
  • Music selections automatically cross fade for continuous music play
  • A choice over 60 music genres are available
  • Standard DJ Wedding Announcements
  • Includes Four Custom designed Weddings categories
  • Touchscreen operated for easy use
  • Connects easily to any commercial or home sound system
  • Quebbie is fully searchable by song or artist
  • Quebbie is the perfect solution for smaller weddings & events
  • All Music is fully licensed and legal to use for private
  • Easily add promotional announcements - Great for use fund raisers & corporate events

Quebbie DJ In A Box

  • Is "Quebbie DJ in a Box" like Karaoke?
    No. Quebbie is a self contained, easy to operate background music system that can be easily pre-programmed before or at any event as well as play instant requests while the event is ongoing. All the music is licensed and performed by the original artists

    Does Quebbie replace the need for a DJ?
    A good DJ can be essential to a large wedding, especially when more than just music is needed. Quebbie is designed for use in smaller weddings and parties where the emphasis is more on just having good music. Also, Quebbie lets those customers on a budget afford great music who may not have room in their budget for a professional DJ Service. Quebbie has dozens of standard DJ announcements as well.

    What exactly comes with my Quebbie system?
    Your "Quebbie DJ in Box" is ready to rent. The system with its easy to use software and over 7000 songs and commercial grade touch screen are housed in a 1/4" thick road case. The touch screen flips up when opened for easy operation. You also receive a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to protect your Quebbie from power spikes during bad weather.

    Does Quebbie come with music or do I have to purchase that as well?
    Quebbie comes pre-loaded with over 7000 songs in 45 genres of music specific to the Party Rental industry.  Additional categories of music are available as well. Quebbie has over 60 styles of music.

    Do I need special equipment to rent with the "Quebbie DJ in a Box"?
    Your " Quebbie DJ in a Box" easily connects to any commercial or home sound system as would a CD Player or Tape deck using standard RCA connections. You can easily rent Quebbie with or without a sound system, depending on your needs. Self amplified speakers and a quality microphone make an excellent rental companion to the "Quebbie DJ in a Box" system.

    Can I add my own audio promos and announcements?
    You can easily add up to (50) audio promos, commercials and announcements to your Quebbie. You can choose to have these spots play in a rotation from every song up to every 25th song. Each spot may be up to (90) seconds in length and can be easily created on any computer.

    Is the music legally licensed through the proper copyright associations?
    All of the music on the Quebbie system, as well as music added via updates, is covered under a standard music licensing and is legal to play for private parties.

    Most of our schools & churches hire DJ's that offer "cleaned up" versions of today's most popular songs. Are these type of songs offered on Quebbie?
    Quebbie is delivered with the radio edit versions of song selections. Every effort is made to ensure that the "clean up versions" are on Quebbie. Lyrics and content are sometimes subject to a wide variety of acceptance.