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Floor Standing Wood Easel

This studio easel offers users with a lot of versatility! with an adjustable bar, this wooden easel can accommodate a wide variety of frame sizes.  Featuring an adjustable backing, users can adjust the tilt angle to display their artwork at the right position.  Standing at 59-1/2" tall with a natural wood finish, these studio easels give a classic vibe without drawing attention away from the actual displays. 


Each of these studio easels features a chain that connects the front support to the back leg to provide overall stability while in use.  Constructed from solid beech wood, these studio easels are durably built.  Designed to be lightweight and portable, users can travel with these studio easels anywhere and set it up easily with absolutely no problem! 


Use these wooden stands at a tradeshow or convention to hold a sign with your business name or logo.


Floor Standing Wood Easel


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