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Summer in Santorini

You don't have to travel all the way to Greece to achieve a Santorini-inspired wedding. Reminiscent of the Mediterranean hotspot, Oia and Fira, crisp white linens represent the whitewashed, cubiform houses that cling to cliffs above an underwater caldera and form the skyline.

The flamboyant, rich colored flowers provide an irresistible appeal with cascading greens capturing the charm, romance and warmth of the region while providing architectural height to the table.

Vibrant pops of cobalt blue throughout the tabletop represent the painted blue rooftops and rich blue waters of the Aegean Sea surrounding this Mediterranean destination. If a Santorini wedding is in your dreams, but not in your budget, this is the perfect compromise! The crisp clean background paired with vivid colors and ghost chairs that disappear into the background is the next best thing. Your guests will revel in a sea of fragrant blooms.

Photos: Mark Garber Photography

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